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Mayday is an adventure. How to get there? No matter, the party starts on the bus trip to Katowice. 
Mayday is fa reedom: everyone is styled as he wants.
Nobody looks at you at an angle. Mayday is love! A sweet smile from her. A tender kiss in the fog. Free and wild.
Mayday is: At eight o'clock in the Arena dance and cheer. The voice rough, "MAYDAY, MAYDAY". The last drink shared with new friends. And Mayday is longing for a world that should be like this one night.

True Techno with Sven Väth, Rødhåd and Oscar Mulero.
Mayday debutant Dax J is one of last year's boaters, with special energy in his sets. Techno is timeless. Sometimes harder, sometimes melodic, sometimes impulsive. Loops, samples and effects create completely new tracks and moods - live in front of your ears. Fader high. Bass pure. True Techno!

Mayday stands for what makes electronic music.
Openness, tolerance, joy of life and love for music.

Dancing, celebrating, being happy. And together.

This is MAYDAY!